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Tailored programs for families

In collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics, we provide tailored programs centered on family business, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.

Whether you're passing on your life's work to the next generation, preparing to lead a company, or initiating your first philanthropic endeavour, our programs are designed to equip you for your next venture.

Development tailored to you

Legacy and Impact

Many entrepreneurs and private business owners aspire to engage positively with society. This programme initiates conversations about creating a lasting impact that matters to you, your organisation, and your family.

Future Owners

Tailored for capital owners, entrepreneurs, and family offices, this programme aims to assist you in defining your role and priorities as a future owner. It will prepare you to build a cohesive ownership team with shared goals and vision.

Family Enterprise Professionals

Gain insights into the unique characteristics, challenges, and opportunities of complex family enterprises with this programme. Understand how your role can impact your organisation’s long-term strategic direction.

Local presence, international reach

Our international presence gives you access to our financial and life services no matter where you are in the world. We draw from a vast network of people and opportunities, and we are here to connect you to those that have similar interests and aspirations.

Get in touch with us

Get in touch and we will contact you for a first meeting to discuss how we can help you achieve your ambitions and goals in life.