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It’s all about the money, and long-term relationships

Cash management is the art of handling cash flows, to make sure that corporations use its liquid assets optimally and can always meet its financial obligations. Done right, it can save the company from both unnecessary costs and trouble. This is where the expertise at SEB can help in an often complex reality. 

There are many aspects to consider in cash management. With high volumes of money moving at high speed and in different currencies, optimising the flows – as well as gaining oversight and control – can be quite a challenge.    

Thea Knudtzon, Business Manager at SEB in Norway
Thea Knudtzon, Business Manager at SEB in Norway

“Over the years, corporate treasury functions have become smaller, while the areas of responsibility have grown. Thankfully, the possibility to integrate data from different sources has also advanced, providing a better overview and supporting in making swift and informed decisions”, says Thea Knudtzon, Business Manager at SEB in Norway.  She adds: 

“Our approach begins with understanding our clients' needs, identifying their challenges and matching the liquidity solutions to assist and advice for operational efficiency.”  

SEB offers a broad range of cash management products. As part of this range, SEB is innovating its technology infrastructure, focusing on integration services that gives clients a single point of entry for payments, collections, and reporting. Advisory and, for example, how to optimize cash flows and new trends within the trade is another important aspect of the offering. 

Anja Bliesmann, Business Manager at SEB in Denmark
Anja Bliesmann, Business Manager at SEB in Denmark

 “As a truly international bank, we always strive to support our clients – in the Nordics, Baltics, United Kingdom, and Germany – on their ventures abroad. After all, with fewer banks in the set-up, the cash management workflow will be easier to handle”, says Anja Bliesmann, Business Manager at SEB in Denmark.    

The methods that corporates can use to improve their cash flow include optimizing payment routines, minimizing currency risks and looking over interest on loans and customer credits. The need for adaption tends to become more acute when the economy is struggling.  

Extra support in times of crises   

In recent years, the pandemic and the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine has severely affected the global economy. We have seen disruption in global supply chains, in oil and gas deliveries, as well as increased inflation. But what has this meant for the field of cash management? 

“There has been an increased demand for supply chain finance – for suppliers to receive payments at an early point in time and support working capital.” Thea Knudtzon says.  

Does the increased demand for different types of credits worry you? 

Maria Gemvall, Product Specialist within Cash Management
Maria Gemvall, Product Specialist, Cash Management

“No, it is our responsibility to aid our clients in uncertain times and make sure that they are fit for the challenge. Within the bank, we collaborate across many teams and include all the expertise necessary to give the client useful advice, in an open and transparent manner” says Maria Gemvall, Product Specialist within cash management.    

“We actively strive to build long-term relationships with clients and truly get to know our client’s businesses. Allowing us to become a trusted partner when it comes to both advisory and technical support”, Anja Bliesmann adds. 

The future of corporate banking platforms  

A user-friendly interface can be an important tool when it comes to the daily management of cash in corporations. Recently, SEB has started migrating clients to its new platform: SEB Business Arena. 

“SEB Business Arena allows our clients to gather the company's most important services in one place. The functionality will be developed and expanded over time, including new features such as automatic advisory, based on your company’s data”, Maria Gemvall says. 

Any ongoing projects you can tell us about? 

“Virtual cash management, where we are working on a solution that would let subsidiary companies set up their own account structures, based on their needs. This will improve the overview of cash flows, from a treasury point of view, and create a better understanding of when and where money moves. I believe we will see many new and exciting features that will improve cash management”, Maria Gemvall concludes.

Contact our experts within cash management

Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you through the complexities of local market dynamics, finding flexible solutions to streamline your day-to-day operations. Together with you, we will support your expansion across borders and ensure that your global treasury needs are met.