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At SEB, we have extensive experience of establishing and running both corporate foundations and family foundations for a wide range of clients. Foundations have proven themselves to be highly efficient vehicles, giving greater control over assets, simplifying and enhancing transparency of wealth-holding structures and planning and, for families, executing complex transfers of ownership to the next generation.

Foundations have a wide range of uses including asset and family protection, investment holdings, insurance, investment and policies holdings, pensions and as an umbrella or corporate holding structure.

As our client, you can expect to receive support from your own highly qualified expert providing you with professional and tailored portfolio management, accounting and administration.

If you're looking to establish a foundation, we can take care of everything on your behalf - from participating in the opening discussions and preparing the necessary documents, to handling the contact with government agencies during the registration process.

We also have experience in taking over the administration of existing foundations, making this process straightforward for you. We take care of all the practical matters, with the foundation's board keeping its function and responsibilities. On your behalf, we'll prepare meetings, keep minutes, advertise where necessary, process applications, take care of the book-keeping, prepare annual reports, and maintain contact with government agencies and accountants.