Trade and supply chain finance

For more than 150 years, SEB has been contributing to the success of Nordic companies in the international marketplace. 85 percent of major Nordic businesses have chosen SEB as their partner and we're an established player in the global arena. We operate 17 of our own offices on four continents and collaborate with thousands of correspondent banks. All in all, we are involved in risk coverage in over 120 countries.

Trade finance through SEB offers safer and more efficient international trading and cash management. But that's not all. Using our Corporate Financial Value Chain™, we work with our clients' treasury functions to deliver more profit and improve both customer and supplier relationships.

Whilst our product portfolio includes standardized payment products and tailored solutions, export and import letters of credit, collections, bank guarantees, standby letters of credit and trade financing options, we've broadened the possibilities within trade finance to enable our clients to redefine the financial and administrative processes associated with overseas trading. So as well as achieving considerable process and liquidity savings, your trade finance can be integrated into the services that you offer to customers and suppliers.

As a client, this means that you can optimize your trading anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Factoring and receivable financing

Overview of SEB's Factoring and receivable financing offer.

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How SEB provides clients with a range of guarantees delivered to 17 markets globally.

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Letters of Credit

Letters of credit suits well for companies active in trading with politically unstable and economically weak countries.

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Trade Finance

Optimise your trading anywhere in the world with our Corporate Financial Value Chain™.

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Online Trade Finance

Online Trade Finance is SEB's secure internet bank for Export Letter of Credits, Import Letter of Credits, Direct Collections and Guarantees. User friendly and available 24/7, it enable clients to enjoy the benefits of managing their trade finance business online.

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A Documentary Collection is a payment form which can be used by a Seller/buyer in order to strengthen its position in a transaction.

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