Liquidity management

SEB has been a frontrunner in Cash Management since mid 70ies and Cash Management has always been a core business. Within the Liquidity area focus for the next coming years is supporting efficient cash consolidation, global and instant liquidity visibility. All to be combined with enhanced forecasting processes and flexible solutions to facilitate short term investments and funding.

Everyday liquidity handling often conceals a substantial potential for savings. Clear structures, sophisticated techniques, effective reporting and far-reaching system integration are the cornerstones of this process. SEB offers a range of cash pooling opportunities to support efficient handling of intra-group liquidity both from a cross border cash concentration perspective, a notional pooling structure or a view of local presences.

The global view via our online channel C&I Online facilities the reporting needs of your structure. In light of the on-going macroeconomic uncertainties, entering the Euro zone is not a priority for the Scandinavian countries at present. As such, we will need to work with the non-euro currencies not only from a SEPA and shared service centre perspective but also in the foreign exchange market.

Accessibility to efficient multi-currency solutions to optimize the usage are valuable. It's not just about providing multi-currency liquidity however, it's also about hedging strategies depending on volumes, maturities and expected exchange rate development. This leads again to the holistic approach because a hedging strategy has to be based on a sound cash flow forecasting database, which is of course a matter of liquidity management.