FinTech investments

Supporting enablers of digitization and automation

Since 2016, SEB Venture Capital supports FinTech startups with capital, competence and clients, building on 160 years of banking experience. We are curious about meeting founders with bright ideas and novel technologies, looking for companies ranging from technologies like AI, machine learning and automation to novel business models like peer-to-peer lending and neobanking. We invest broadly - the investments can be both of purely exploratory and financial character as well in companies already having a clear strategic fit with SEB.


Cardlay has developed an innovative platform for Card and Travel Expense Management. The platform automates, optimizes and rationalizes the card and expense processes of corporates, freeing up resources from cumbersome administration tasks to value-adding business activities.



Capcito enables small and medium sized enterprises to access dynamic capital based on the quality of their receivables. In real time Capcito can assess your book keeping data in the cloud, offer an simplified way of doing traditional factoring and with a transparent and competitive cost structure.


Coinify ApS operate as a blockchain payment service provider (bPSP) with focus on extending blockchain currency payment processing and trading services to merchants and consumers respectively.


Combient AB is a Joint Venture between 11 global enterprises, headquartered in Sweden. The owners include Atlas Copco AB, Electrolux AB, Ericsson AB, FAM AB, Investor AB, LKAB, Saab AB, SEB AB, Sigma AB, SKF AB and Stora Enso AB. The vision is to Bring Digitalized Industrial Innovation to the industry. Combient has an active interaction and governance with our owner companies, work closely with academia and explore new partnerships that can help us achieve our aspirational vision.

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Leasify is a platform for analysis, management and procurement of small ticket leasing. With few exceptions, Leasify manages to significantly reduce costs in addition to saving customers the time it takes to drive procurement processes. Leasify offers true digitization in an inefficient and non-transparent market ripe for disruption.

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Now Interact

Now Interact is a leading artificial intelligence vendor that offers targeted machine learning applications which optimize the bridge between digital and offline channels. Its artificial intelligence applications use real-time omnichannel data – including online, contact center, telesales and bricks & mortar – to drive personalized customer journeys and accelerate the digitalization of sales and service.

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PE Accounting

PE Accounting is a fully outsourced and digital accounting service for SME’s. 

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R3 has developed Corda which is an open-source distributed ledger platform designed to record, manage and automate legal agreements between businesses. R3 is leading a consortium with over 80 banks, clearing houses, exchanges, market infrastructure providers, asset managers, central banks, conduct regulators, trade associations, professional services firms and technology companies to develop ground breaking commercial applications of distributed ledger technology for the financial services industry.

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Tink's app makes it possible for customers to collect and categorise detailed information about purchases and savings in one place. Functionalities such as transfers and payments will soon also be covered by the app.