Investment criteria

Investing in sustainable competitive advantages

SEB Venture Capital, which invests in innovative companies with exceptional growth potential, currently has SEK 2.4 billion in assets under management.

Our main investment areas are emerging companies within technology and FinTech in particular with origins in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland as well as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. On ad hoc basis we also invest in UK and Germany. 

We invest in excellence and uniqueness – companies with truly outstanding innovations and products that offer a sustainable competitive advantage and with major international potential.

The investments typically range from SEK 10-30 million initially to SEK 80-100 million in total over a holding period, giving us a solid minority holding in the company with an ownership stake of 15–40 percent.

Our investment horizon is typically four to seven years, but we understand that building a sustainable company takes a long time. Our evergreen structure allows us to stay on as owners as long as it takes.

Looking for a dedicated management

A deciding factor for us when considering an investment is a skilled, committed management team that is, or wants to become, co-owners of the company. To us, partnership is always important. A requirement for any investment is the formulation of an ownership plan, which describes consensus between us and the other shareholders regarding the company's long-term goals.