Fixed income

Stability and diversity

Fixed income investments offer long term stability and offer the possibility to generate higher return than traditional savings products. Fixed income products provide an element of diversity in an investment portfolio. All our funds aim to achieve high risk adjusted returns.

We are a major player on the fixed income market in Sweden and Denmark. We know our home markets and possess the skill and experience to generate a good level of risk-adjusted return for our clients. Additionally, our teams are able to capitalise on SEB's long history in traditional fixed income and credit.

Our range of products offer varying levels of risk, return and credit quality with investments in Sweden, Denmark, Eastern Europe and Euroland. Our specialised credit team, established in 2004, concentrates primarily on Euroland credit.

Macro analysis and the activities of the various central banks are an important foundation for all fixed income management. For the credit team, a significant part is concentrated on bottom-up analysis of companies and sectors.

Our fixed income teams are comprised of highly experienced senior portfolio managers focusing on different sub asset classes within fixed income. Their expertise embraces the three essential areas of the asset class: macro, credit analysis and quant. Because quant analysis plays an essential role in our investment decisions several of our team members are well-grounded in this area.

The teams are located in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki and the Baltic countries.