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Sustainability reporting

Annual sustainability reporting

In our sustainability reporting we disclose our performance and progress year-by-year. We report according to the Swedish Annual Accounts Act (based on the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive) and international frameworks such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Principles for Responsible Banking. SEB’s Sustainability Report, including TCFD, is integrated in the Annual Report.

Reports 2020-2007

Reports 2020

Sustainability Report (incl TCFD) (pdf)
(pages from Annual Report, p. 40–58)

Sustainability notes and GRI index (pdf)
(pages from Annual Report, p. 196–214)

Principles for Responsible Banking (pdf)

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, SASB (pdf)

Reports 2019

Sustainability report 2019  (pdf) 
(pages from Annual Report, p. 32–38 and 20–22)

Sustainability Fact Book 2019 (incl. GRI) (pdf)

Equator Principles Reporting 2019 (pdf)

Reports 2018

Sustainability report 2018  (pdf) 
(pages from Annual Report, p. 67–73)

Sustainability Fact Book 2018 (incl. GRI) (pdf)

SDG Report 2018 (pdf)

Equator Principles Reporting 2018 (pdf)

Reports 2017

Sustainability report 2017  (pdf) 
(pages from Annual Report, p. 67–71)

Sustainability Overview 2017  (pdf) 
About our sustainability approach, ambitions and performance, including highlights for 2017.

Sustainability Fact Book 2017 (incl. GRI) (pdf)

Equator Principles Reporting 2017 (pdf)

Report 2016

Sustainability report 2016 (pdf)

Sustainability Fact Book 2016 (inc. GRI) (pdf)

Equator Principles reporting (pdf)

Reports 2015

Sustainability report 2015 (pdf) 

Sustainability report 2015 online

Sustainability Fact Book 2015 (inc. GRI) (pdf)

Equator Principles reporting (pdf)

Reports 2014

Sustainability report 2014 (incl. GRI) (pdf)

Sustainability report 2014 online (incl. GRI)

SEB Equator Principles reporting 2014 (pdf)

Reports 2013

Sustainability report 2013 (incl. GRI) (pdf)

CS Fact Book 2013 (pdf)

SEB Equator Principles reporting 2013 (pdf)

UN Global Compact Communication on Progress 2013 (pdf)

Reports 2012

Sustainability report 2012 (incl GRI) (pdf)

CS Fact Book 2012 (pdf)

UN Global Compact Communication on progress 2012 (pdf)

SEB Equator Principles reporting 2012.pdf (pdf)

Reports 2011

Sustainability report 2011 (pdf)

CS Fact book 2011 (pdf)

GRI Content index 2011 (pdf)

SEB Equator Principles reporting 2011 (pdf)

Reports 2010

Sustainability report 2010 (pdf)

GRI Content index 2010 (pdf)

Global compact communication on progress 2010 (pdf)

Reports 2009

Sustainability report 2009 (pdf)

GRI compliance table 2009 (pdf)

Global compact communication on progress 2009 (pdf)

Reports 2007 – 2008

Sustainability report 2008 (pdf)

Sustainability report 2007 (pdf)

SEB and UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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