Student Event Calendar

Autumn 2020


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15/9 SSE Digital Lecture “Investment Banking” (SSE students only)

17/9 KTH Digital Lecture “The economy now and the world post corona” (KTH Students only)

23/9 SSE Digital Event, Women’s Finance Day (SSE students only)

23/9 Lund University & LTH Virtual Career Fair (Lund students only)

24/9 KTH Digital Lecture "Investment Banking” (KTH students only)

29/9 We Change Gothenburg, Read more

30/9 We Change Helsingborg. Read more



1/10 We Change Malmö. Read more

3-4/10 Hackathon Midnight Sun CTF. Read more 

6/10 KTH Digital Lecture “Quant” (KTH students only)

6/10 We Change Stockholm. Read more

7/10 We Change Stockholm. Read more

8/10 We Change Stockholm. Read more

13/10 SSE Virtual Internship Day (SSE students only)

13/10 We Change Borlänge. Read more

14/10 We Change Västerås. Read more

16/10 “Traineedagen” Digital event (Students only). Read more

21/10 KTH Digital Lecture “Tech Theme” (KTH students only)

28/10 SSE Digital Lecture “Investment Banking” (SSE students only)


1/11 Pink Programming Digital event 

10-11/11 Social Innovation Summit in Malm. Read more 

11/11 Lund University LTH, Arkad Virtual career Fair (LTH students only)

12/11 SSE Digital Lecture “Banking Basics” (SSE students only)

24/11 Uppsala University Digital Event Career Day (Uppsala students only)

The event calendar will be updated during the year.