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Building trust as mentors

Image of Ebaa Mohamed together with her mentor Maria Andersson and SEB's President and CEO Johan Torgeby.
“Wanted: a mentor with a cool job who can teach me about entrepreneurship." – this is roughly what Ebaa Mohamed (middle) wrote when she in the spring of 2017 filled out an application to get a mentor. “I did not really know what it would mean, but thought – why not? And it has really opened new doors and helped me develop outside my comfort zone", says Ebaa. Here with mentor Maria Andersson and SEB's President and CEO Johan Torgeby.

Since 1997, SEB has partnered with Mentor Sverige., Mentor Sverige is a foundation focusing on drug which offers schools different mentorship programmes, in order to help young people grow and strengthen their self-belief. prevention among youth, aiming to cre­ate relationships and build trust between young people and adults.

SEB employees are involved as mentors – either for individu­ally mentorshipsfor one young person, in or by engaging with several young people, through school visits classes on several occa­sions, or for just one day at a school. Students also get to visit SEB’s offices, to and get a glimpse of whathow it might be like to work in a bank. Through Mentor Sverige, our employees are given the oppor­tunity to contribute to society, while developing themselves and their own leadership.

In 2018, SEB and Mentor Sverige have launched severaltwo new different programmes, among them: Mentor Boost,SEB Inclusion and Proffsmentor Entreprenörskap. SEB Inclusion teaches young people how to work against prejudice and create a more inclusive society for all. Proffsmentor Entreprenörskap shows where young people get to learn how to turn an idea into a company or employment. Every year, more than 20,000 young people participate in Mentor Sverige's various programmes. Our partnership with Mentor Sverige is part of our work with sustainable entrepreneurship.

Key figures (2020)

590 SEB employees
have participated in Parenting programme
8 400 youths
have participated in the programme Mentor Boost
20 000 young people
participate in Mentor Sverige's programmes every year.