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Position on lobbying and unethical influence

SEB has strict guidelines towards unethical influence, whether within business or society.

  • All actions and decisions shall comply with laws, regulations and other external rules as well as with internal instructions and policies.
  • The SEB Group shall comply with relevant external and internal restrictions (observing transparency and appropriateness) regarding giving and receiving gifts as well as unacceptable benefits, in order to avoid any allegation of bribery or corruption.
  • The SEB Group shall not support political parties through donations or otherwise.
  • Each action or decision in the SEB Group shall be carried out in such manner that it can be scrutinised by others.

Communication with supervisory authorities

We strive to maintain good relationships with the supervisory authorities in those countries in which we operate. All contact with supervisory authorities must be coordinated with Group Compliance. 

Healthy competition and avoiding restrictive trade practices

We obey all rules relating to healthy competition and so called unfair restrictive trade practices in the countries in which we operate.

Accordingly, we avoid situations that may lead to unlawful behaviour that stifles competition such as:

  • proposals from competitors to share pricing information or other competing marketing information, or to divide up the markets or customers,
  • attempts by existing or potential customers to prevent us from conducting business relationships or entering into agreements with another customer, and
  • discussions on competitively sensitive subjects such as prices, pricing methods, costs and marketing strategies.