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Cooperation takes the fight against money laundering to the next level

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Money laundering and organised crime is a big problem throughout the world and banks have a special responsibility to identify and prevent such activities. In 2020, SEB entered a new form of cooperation, together with the Swedish police and other Swedish banks, called Swedish Anti-Money Laundering Intelligence Task Force (SAMLIT). The goal of SAMLIT is to improve the overall ability to fight money laundering.

Which organisations are included?

  • The banks: SEB, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Swedbank and Danske Bank.
  • The Swedish Bankers Association.
  • The police's intelligence unit at the National Operations Department (NOA).

What is the main purpose with SAMLIT?

  • The purpose is to improve the ability to identify and prevent money laundering and fighting organised crime and terrorism financing.
  • To secure better evidence in order to prosecute individuals and companies organised in criminal networks.

Which are the main means within the cooperation to fight money laundering?

  • Increased information sharing among the participants. During the summer and autumn of 2020, the banks have regularly met with NOA to share information.
  • SAMLIT will work towards changes in law and legislation in order to improve the possibility for information sharing.

What does the time table look like?

SAMLIT was initiated in 2019, and launched as a pilot in June 2020. Since the outcome of the pilot was very promising the participants decided in early 2021 to take the cooperation to the next level by formalizing it to a higher degree.

SAMLIT will now become a permanent cooperation, with the aim to produce a more formal framework for cooperation and governance during 2021.

Who is in charge of the cooperation?

The chairmanship will rotate between the banks. Martin Johansson, senior advisor at SEB, has been appointed chairman of the cooperation in 2021.