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Everyone is truly interested in hearing what you have to say.

Deborah Almeida
Meet Deborah Almeida who works as an ESG Analyst in Credit Analysis and took the time to share some thoughts about her career so far at SEB. 

What is ESG and what do you do in your role?​

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, and I work with risk assessment connected to those topics to support investment decision-making. Our work complements credit analysis, which, in its traditional form, does not fully cover ESG issues. We live in a changing world and issues such as climate change may significantly affect financials of companies, so including ESG assessment in credit process makes SEB more resilient.

Why did you choose a role at SEB?

I love learning about business from a sustainability perspective, and SEB was the only international company offering an ESG analyst position in Poland. SEB’s innovative approach towards sustainability is exceptional in the industry. We really are innovative on a daily basis. The range of green products and knowledge about sustainability within our colleagues is tremendous.

What positively surprised you when you first joined?​

The openness of colleagues and their willingness to help. The business culture is very egalitarian. Regardless of the level of experience you have, everyone is truly interested in hearing what you have to say. And as a foreigner, I feel that my colleagues make a truly effort to integrate me to Polish/Swedish business culture.

How are you empowered to achieve your goals?​

My ambition is to still develop my skills and gain new knowledge, especially in finance. SEB allows me to observe a broad range of companies operating in a variety of sectors and assess how their ESG performance impacts their financial performance. I also feel that people at SEB are very open to new solutions. As our team is relatively new in the organisation, I am trying to come up with new ideas that can improve our work. Even though the ideas might not always be perfect, my manager continually encourages me.