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The business idea for the life insurance operations at SEB is to offer customers security throughout life's different stages through insurance and security solutions.

Life offers a complete range of products in the security area for individuals and businesses. Examples of individual products include occupational pensions, private pension insurance, capital pension, capital insurance, health insurance, healthcare insurance, and rehabilitation insurance.

Distribution is carried out through SEB's bank branches, insurance intermediaries, and so-called tied agents. The division has 1.8 million customers and operates in Sweden, Ireland, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

The international insurance product, Life Assurance Portfolio Bond, with investment opportunities via depot, available in the form of capital insurance, capital pension, and occupational pension, is sold through the Irish company SEB Life, primarily to the Swedish market. Sales to Swedes living abroad are conducted through the company's branch in Luxembourg.

For detailed information of our insurance products and contact information, please visit the Swedish version of this page.