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Our fixed income teams

Our managers have extensive experience and deep expertise in their respective areas, and manage funds as well as discretionary mandates.

Our fixed income management is conducted from Sweden, Denmark and Finland, with different focus areas. 

The Swedish Fixed Income Team

A majority of Investment Management's fixed income portfolios are managed in Sweden.  The management ranges from traditional money market, bond and credit mandates with a focus on the Nordic countries as well as global credit mandates in both Investment Grade and High Yield.

The team is one of the larger fixed income management teams in Sweden, with extensive experience in many of the asset classes of the fixed income market. We work with global fixed income markets with a primary focus on Sweden and the Nordic countries. 

Investment process

The team employs a structured fundamental investment process focusing on macro analyses and central banks. The market view, in combination with extensive quantitative support, is fundamental to our assessment of the risks and opportunities that exist within the various asset classes of fixed income markets. 
When it comes to credit management, our current market view is combined with a bottom-up process regarding the selection of corporate bonds. The choice of securities is made through an in-depth fundamental credit analysis and structural considerations with the support of quantitative valuation models. The investment process focuses mainly on the portfolio construction, where our fundamental market and credit view is combined with a relative value analysis for sectors and companies. This is done to optimize the portfolios from a risk and return perspective. 


Sustainability aspects are a naturally integrated part of our investment process. Our analysis capacity gives us the conditions to invest in companies with good repayment capacity and with a responsible consideration of environmental and social factors. Some of the funds managed by the team also have a clear “impact” profile, for example SEB Green Bond Fund and our microloan funds. 
The team manages almost SEK 230 billion in various funds and mandates.

The Danish Fixed Income Team

The Danish Fixed Income team is one of the most experienced fixed income teams in the Nordic region. We have followed the same strategy since 1999 even though the investment process has been constantly upgraded to include state-of-the-art performance attribution and risk management.

We add value to mutual funds and institutional mandates through an investment process that encompasses an extensive analysis involving Danish mortgage bonds. The investment process combines our fundamental macro view with relative value analysis in order to optimize the carry of portfolios given our bottom-up selection of bonds. Our research capability, including our proprietary mortgage bond model, enables us to select the best bonds within a broad range of bonds in the Danish fixed income market and thus adding value to the investors.

The Finnish Fixed Income Team

The team is one of the most experienced fixed income teams in Finland. We add value to mutual funds and institutional mandates through an investment process that encompasses an extensive fundamental macro-economic analysis with a strong focus on central banks – supported by an extensive quantitative framework. We are closely connected to the SEB Global Fixed Income team and can therefore utilize the analytical resources of the global team. We manage euro denominated fixed income funds and discretionary mandates with a focus mainly on Northern Europe.

SEB Investment Management AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB. The fund company was formed May 19, 1978, with headquarters in Stockholm and organization number 556197-3719.