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Our equities teams

Risk information

Past performance is not indicative of future results. The value of fund units/shares can rise as well as fall and you may not get back the amount invested. 

Our equity management capabilities have a global reach and invest in most markets around the world.

We have five different teams managing equities for our customers around the world.

Quantitative Equities Team

Our quantitative equities team employs sophisticated, modern methods and flexible models to systematically compile and analyse data. One of the main advantages of quantitative management is its ability to analyse vast amounts of date and use the analysis to create well-diversified portfolios.

Three core values

Our method of quantitative management focuses on three core values that have a proven historical track record. We look for high quality companies with controlled risk that we can invest in at attractive valuations.

Investment process

The management team sifts through the large amount of data, looking at specific parameters such as company size, valuations or sustainability.  The team systematically selects the top-ranked companies within each parameter. Diversification and risk awareness are essential elements in the composition of a portfolio. The teams use the same structured, objective and systematic process for all our funds, adapting the selection criteria according to the various requirements of the local markets.

Our investment process is based on well-established investment theory. Additionally, it is supported by statistical and economic analysis, fundamental equity insights and economic science. We are meticulous in every detail of the investment process.

The Swedish Nordic Equities Team

The Swedish & Nordic Equities team manages pan-Nordic Equity funds as well as country based funds, and covers the whole range of companies, from micro caps to large multinationals.

We invest in quality companies with viable business models and good growth opportunities. The investment process relies on in depth knowledge of the companies, based on rigorous fundamental research and regular interaction with the companies. The resulting portfolios are bottom up constructions, consisting of the stocks that we have most confidence in and want to hold for the long run.

The Eastern European Equities Team

The Eastern European Equities team is focused on generating excess performance in the Eastern European markets using a structured stock selection process with a fundamental overlay that has value investing principles at its core.

The products we manage provide for several ways to obtain exposure to themes and markets in Eastern Europe. Our investment process is based on traditionally proven financial theory and takes the best of modern technology and a fundamental equity approach.

The European Small Cap Team

The European Small Cap team employs a fundamental bottom-up approach to identify companies in the intersection between quality and valuation often coupled with transformational change or significant changes to the equity story. Subject to a rigorous set of risk controls, we buy those companies at the largest discount to our assessment of value. The strategy retains an objective, fact-based and disciplined approach towards allocating capital based on a systematic process.

The investment process is based on continuous screens of the European small cap market coupled with fundamental analysis. We believe an active stock picking strategy is the best suited to add value in the small cap asset class as the class' constituents tend to be the most dynamic and adaptable within the economy able to make outsized profits.

The Index and Solutions Team

The Index and Solutions team offers index funds and custom made solutions with exposure to different regions and markets. The objective is to track the return of a predefined benchmark. This is obtained through effective and transparent management either by full replication or optimization.

Management decisions are based on quantitative models which keep the risk exposures and returns very close to the benchmark. Investments are managed in a precise and systematic manner, always aiming to minimize active risk while taking into consideration the transaction costs involved. ESG is an important and natural element in our management as our indexes reflect SEB's view on responsible investments.

SEB Investment Management AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB. The fund company was formed May 19, 1978, with headquarters in Stockholm and organization number 556197-3719.