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SEB Investment Management AB’s 2023 Sustainability Review

In 2023, we, SEB Investment Management AB, included biodiversity in our sustainability policy, continued to work towards lowering GHG emissions associated with our funds, and continued our efforts towards greater board diversity within our investee companies. In the annual sustainability review, we dive into our recent progress. Read the full document for more complete information regarding our sustainability policy, our proprietary sustainability scoring model SIMS-S, our progress towards the net zero goal, our various accolades and much more.  

In a customer survey, in which nearly 2,000 private customers with funds and/or pension savings with SEB participated, the goal that was voted as most important to follow was “combating climate change”. This was followed by “clean water and sanitation” and “quality education for all”. We use the results of the customer survey as a basis for our company dialogues.  

We voted at 793 Annual General Meetings and held, directly or through partners, over 2,800 dialogues with companies regarding sustainability and corporate governance issues. Along with the decisions made to halt and reverse nature loss at the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) at the end of 2022, we have begun including biodiversity and ecosystems in our sustainability policy. 

With 93 per cent of our AUM being Article 8 funds, funds that promote environmental and social characteristics, and 3 per cent being Article 9 funds, funds with sustainable investment as their objective, we are committed to continuing building better societies for all, now, and in the future. 

SEB Investment Management AB’s 2023 Sustainability Review (pdf)