SEB’s House View

SEB House View is the name of the committee that decides on the asset allocation view of SEB. In other words it decides on how much SEB recommends to allocate to the different asset classes such as for example equities and government bonds.

The committee consists of members from Investment Management, Private Banking, Life, and Markets.

The committee produces different publications: A monthly summary of our views, a quarterly in-depth publication, and white papers. The publications are created by the Global Asset Allocation team which also steers the committee.

Below you will find a sample of the output produced by the SEB House View Committee. You can subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter by sending a mail to

Presentations and reports

Our monthly House View presentations contains comments on the latest market and macro events and summarize our tactical and strategic views on the different asset classes.


We produce short movies to summarize our views. The films are published on a monthly basis and give you a quick update about our market view.

Institutional Investment Outlook

We produce an institutional Investment Outlook on a quarterly basis. Hard copies of the publication are produced and can be acquired upon request to the asset allocation group.

White Papers

The House View Research Group publishes a series of research papers. The papers are intended to be time independent, and therefore does not present research on current macro themes.

Bond Performance Attribution

Custom PCA

Entropy Pooling

Equity Performance Attribut

Factor Risk Model

Implied Phase Probabilities

Implied Returns