Integration is about applying a broad sustainability analysis into the work and that sustainability issues are considered, analyzed, quantified and promoted throughout the manager's entire investment process, i e before, during and after each individual investment decision.

SEB Investment Management has developed its own sustainability model which, with several external and internal data sources, gives each potential investment a sustainability rating. The rating is based on risks, opportunities, the global sustainability goals, carbon footprint and much more. It gives us the opportunity to create a basic view of each company's sustainability profile. The purpose of SEB Investment Management's sustainability model is to give each company an individual, relevant, significant and forward-looking rating. The sustainability rating will provide guidance on which future sustainability factors may have a negative impact on long-term risks and returns.

Our sustainability analysis means that we focus on specific sector risks, products and services' sustainability and impact in relation to long-term sustainable value creation.

SEB Investment Management sustainability model is a dynamic tool that will be continuously developed over time to ensure the highest quality and adaptation to both scientific research and changes in legislation.