Our core criteria decide companies to exclude

Some types of weapon are not compatible with international conventions and guidelines. This is why SEB funds do not hold shares in companies that manufacture, develop or sell controversial weapons, including antipersonnel landmines, cluster weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons. Additionally, we do not invest in companies that participate in the development of nuclear weapon programmes or produce nuclear weapons. SEB funds do not invest in listed companies whose turnover from the extraction of thermal coal exceeds 5 percent or companies producing cannabis for recreational use. Additionally, no investments are made in companies or company groups that produce or distribute tobacco products. The goal is to completely exclude companies that produce tobacco. Thus the maximum turnover for a company is 0%. The maximum turnover for a company that distributes tobacco is 5%. Moreover, we do not invest in companies that verifiably breach international norms and conventions regarding labour legislation, anti-corruption, the environment or human rights, and where we do not see any impetus to address the problems. We especially consider the UN Global Compact (unglobalcompact.org) and the OECD's Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (oecd.org).

In order to ensure our sustainability criteria are met, we perform half-yearly follow-ups of the fund holdings with our advisor ISS-ESG.

Controversial weapons

Nuclear weapons

Thermal coal




The following companies are excluded from all of our funds with regards to controversial weapons, nuclear weapons, thermal coal, tobacco, cannabis and international norms

Exclusion in sustainable funds

In addition to our basic criteria, as described above, our sustainable funds do not invest in companies that extract coal, gas or oil. Additionally, they do not invest in corporate groups with more than 5 percent revenue derived from alcohol, weapons, commercial gambling or pornography. 

Exclusion SEB’s Strategy and Pension Funds

We also offer funds that follow our core sustainability criteria, the Management Company's core criteria, as well as additional sustainability criteria for parts of their investments. The funds SEB Fund 3 - SEB Pension Fund, Pension Fund Plus and SEB Pension Fund Extra, as well as SEB Strategy Fund - SEB Strategy Defensive, SEB Strategy Balanced, SEB Strategy Opportunity and SEB Strategy Growth, follow the Management Company’s highest level of sustainability when they invest directly in equities and fixed-income securities. In terms of investing in SEB funds, such as hedge funds, the funds aim to follow as minimum our core sustainability criteria. When the fund invests in externally managed funds, we require the external fund manager to sign the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment or to follow an equivalent sustainability framework. 

Effects of exclusion regarding different fund categories

We aim, as far as possible to apply our basic exclusion sustainability criteria - the Management Company's core criteria - to all our fund categories. In the document below you can find information about how different fund categories are affected, such as index funds and fund-of-funds.

How sustainability affects our funds