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Our active ownership aims to protect the interests of the unitholders regarding ownership issues, as well as influence and encourage the companies in which we invest in terms of their sustainability activities, and effect change.

In Swedish companies where we are one of the largest shareholders, we engage directly in a dialogue with the company’s management and board of directors. A typical dialogue regarding how to make improvements can touch on issues including management, risks and opportunities related to the environment, social aspects, and business ethics.

 Our fund company places considerable focus on compensation programmes and diversity in boards of directors, such as including female board members. Generally, our fund company’s sustainability team conducts these dialogues with companies. Our sustainability team works with  responsible investment in collaboration with each respective fund's manager. Another way we influence companies and effect change is to collaborate with other investors. When we invest in international companies, we work with IIGCC and PRI Clearinghouse, for example, (read more at www.unpri.org). We also actively participate, via our voting rights as shareholders, in annual general meetings. We work with Hermes Equity Ownership Services, an international leader in engaging companies in dialogue. Hermes EOS maintains ongoing, direct dialogue with the management and the board of the companies in which we invest. Working with other asset managers, under the leadership of Hermes EOS, enables us to be more successful in conducting dialogue with companies outside Sweden. These are the companies in which we normally have a smaller stake.

Participation in Board Nomination Committees 

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