Johan Torgeby

Position: Director

Director since 2017
President and CEO since 2017
Employed in 2009
Born 1974

Portfolio Manager & Macro Economist, Robur Asset Management (Swedbank), Head of Nordic & Dutch Corporate Debt Capital Markets & Risk Management and Executive Director, Financial Sponsors Group Private Equity at Morgan Stanley in London, Head of Client Coverage, Merchant Banking. Co-head of division Large Corporates & Financial Institutions.

B.Sc. (Econ).

Johan Torgeby is independent in relation to the Bank’s major shareholders and non-independent in relation to the bank and the bank’s management.

Own and closely related persons’ shareholding
5,567 class A-shares, 84,809 share rights and 138,037 conditional share rights.

Attendance at board/committee meetings 2018 17 of 17