Anne-Catherine Berner

Position: Director

Director since 2019

Member of the Remuneration & Human Resources Committee
Born 1964

Other assignments:
Director of Calefactio Investments HoldCo AB, Calefactio Investments AB, CV VC AG (Swiss) and Avesco AG (Swiss).Chair of the board, and founder of the Association for the support of the New Children´s Hospital in Helsinki.

Member of the Finnish Parliament and Minister of Transport and Communications in the Finnish Government. Director of the Finnish mutual insurance company Ilmarinen, Director of the Helsinki listed company Soprano Oyi, Director in Koskisen Oy, Director of Karelia/ Kährs Holding AB and Director of European Family Businesses (GEEF), Brussels. Chair and CEO of Vallila Interior Oy.

B.Sc. (Econ.) and MBA (Leadership)

Independent in relation to the bank and the bank´s management, independent in relation to major shareholders.

Own and closely related persons' shareholding in SEB: 4,600 class A-shares

Attendance at board/committee meetings 2020: 21 of 21 / 10 of 10