Anna-Karin Glimström

Director appointed by the employees (appointed by Financial Sector Union of Sweden SEB Group)

Director appointed by the employees since 2016
Born 1962

Other assignments:

Chair Financial Sector Union of Sweden SEB Group, Chair Financial Sector Union Western section in SEB, Director EB-SB Fastigheter AB, Director EB-SB Holding AB.

SEB Retail  and Telephone bank in various positions including Office Manager, Manager Customer Services and Private Customer Advisor. Various specialist and leader roles within Trygg-Hansa. Director SEB:s Profit Sharing Foundation. Union representative since 2015.

Education: University studies in mathematics, statistics and law. Holding an IFU diploma. 

Own and closely related persons’ shareholding in SEB: 0 shares and 775 conditional share rights.

Attendance at board/committee meetings 2019: 12 of 14