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Adjust the look of the website

You can choose how to view the information on the website by adjusting the settings in your browser. This way, you can save the adjustments you need and use them on all websites you visit. Your browser allows you to:

  • Make the text larger.
  • Change the line length.
  • Adjust colours and contrast.
  • Change the font.

The settings are different in different browsers. Read more in your browser's help page, or follow the links below to the different companies' pages about the browsers.

Compatibility view in Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8 and later)

If the website does not look like you expected it could be because you have the compatibility view of Internet Explorer switched on.

Some websites may not behave as expected in Internet Explorer. Read more about this on Microsoft's website.

PDF files

Some of the information on the website is published in PDF files. In order to read PDF files you need a program such as Adobe Reader or equivalent from a different manufacturer. Adobe Reader is free, as well as many alternative readers.

Adobe Reader

A list of alternative readers

The different browsers' websites

These websites will give you help and suggestions about your browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

Google Chrome