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SEB launches private equity fund

SEB Invest now offers a new and unique type of investment product: SEB Private Equity - where the client's assets are invested in a globally diversified portfolio of private equity funds.
SEB Private Equity is a Luxembourg-based fund and minimum investment is 100,000 euro for institutional investors and 30,000 euro for private banking customers. Portfolio managers are Stefan Mårelid and Niklas Sjöberg, who manage SEB Invests other private equity investments.
Private equity has been the fastest-growing class of financial assets over the last decade, with average annual growth in excess of 30 percent. In Europe the return on private equity in 1990-99 was 15 percent, compared to 11.5 percent for quoted securities.
There are two main types of private equity investment: buyouts and venture capital. Buyouts generally involve acquiring majority holdings in existing mature companies or divisions of large companies. The idea is to increase the value of the company through restructuring, rationalisation and/or strategic realignment. Venture capital involves investing in companies at an early stage of their development. The idea is to provide the capital and management support needed to add value and build up a new company that can subsequently be sold or floated.
For further information, please contact:
Stefan Mårelid, Portfolio Manager Private Equity, SEB Invest, +46-8-788 62 58, +46-70-346 22 50
Anna Selberg, Head of Information, SEB Investment Management & Life,
+46-8-785 11 46, +46-70-763 81 54