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SEB continues support for teen mentor programme

SEB has extended its support of the Mentor programme in three countries. The non-profit organisation works with young people to strengthen self esteem and confidence as a way of resisting peer pressure in relation to alcohol and drug use.

The bank has worked with Mentor in Sweden since its inception in 1997 and will continue its engagement and financial support for the next three years. SEB has also signed on to the programme in Lithuania and Latvia for a further year.

So far more than 1,100 SEB employees have volunteered to be role models in some capacity, either as part of a year-long programme to build relationships and offer support to a specific teenager, or shorter initiatives.

Mentor also supports parents through courses and seminars.

In a recent evaluation, 100 per cent of teenagers felt they had established a good, personal relationship with their mentor, giving them access to the adult world outside school and their family network. 88 per cent report they are more confident and have improved self esteem.

Cecilia Widebäck West, who leads SEB’s sustainability work, says the Mentor programme is a great way to support and contribute to the communities where SEB works.

“We believe that a durable society requires a strong focus on supporting the next generation of people and business. Mentor’s goal to influence young people’s attitudes in the right direction and be the speaking partner or guide that many youth miss today, is an important way of achieving this,” Widebäck West says.

“Building sustainable societies is not a one-off task – it requires commitment, dedication and perseverance. We are grateful for organisations such as Mentor and pleased that we can continue our support.”