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SEB to donate funds to Latvian children’s hospital

SEB will donate one lat (1.42 euro) for each new customer that signs up for the bank’s second pillar pension scheme to upgrade equipment at the rehabilitation centre of the children’s clinical university hospital in Riga.

Large and small gym balls, a trampoline for balance-training, gymnastic rings and mats and exercise equipment is only a small part of the equipment that is required daily by the patients of the hospital.

Many small patients require support in the very early days of their lives so that they can go on to live a wholesome and happy life. Rehabilitation is often irreplaceable as the physiotherapist, ergo-therapist and speech therapist are the ones who help children recover their lost skills and significantly improve the quality of their lives.

“We are grateful to SEB for this initiative and the bank’s willingness to help us and continue to be a loyal friend of the children’s hospital. This sort of support and help to our children is a wonderful opportunity for us to make an investment into all of our futures," says Liene Dambina , head of the Children’s Hospital Fund.

Everyone who applies for the second pension pillar in SEB by 18 March will also invest in the purchase of equipment for the rehabilitation centre. SEB in Latvia has set up a dedicated section of its website (see below), where everyone interested may follow up on how much of the required equipment has already been purchased.

“SEB in Latvia has worked with the children’s hospital for several years now to help both the little patients and the doctors. This year we set a new target for ourselves, namely, to support the upgrade and improvement of the equipment at the rehabilitation centre, and we wish to involve our clients in achieving this as well. One good deed leads to another!,” says Ainārs Ozols, head of SEB in Latvia.

Previously, SEB in Latvia helped improve the parents' house at the hospital and joined forces with artists from the Latvian National Opera to organise a charity concert “Let us help the child to grow” in support of the department for premature babies.