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SEB hosted large Baltic Sea conference in Helsinki

“About a year ago heads of state from 11 countries met to get things started and we now see much concrete progress. It’s an honour for us to be one of the companies that support the Baltic Sea Action Group,” Marcus Wallenberg said in his opening remarks.

The Baltic Sea Action Group, co-founded by Finnish businessman Ilkka Herlin, aims to encourage states, companies, organisations and private individuals to take concrete action to save the Baltic Sea.

Representatives from all 11 participating countries provided a status update on their progress, which include rapid deployment of new sewage plants in Poland and Russia as well as less phosphate in detergents, handling of chemical weapons dumped in the sea and implementation of various laws and regulation.

In addition to commitments from the 11 states, around 160 companies, organisations and individuals have also committed to develop new green technology, establish research projects, do marketing and much more. Participant’s include major corporations such as Shell as well as small organisations such as cooperative day-care center Björnen in Helsinki.

SEB provides funding to BSAG’s secretariat and its daily operation.