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SEB Talks

SEB Talks är inspirerande sändningar där våra experter ger dig de senaste insikterna, prognoserna och råden om allt från affärs- och privatekonomi till hållbarhet och entreprenörskap.

Regeringens svåra balansakt

När finansminister Elisabeth Svantesson besökte SEB 18 november presenterade hon budgeten och diskuterade hur regeringen resonerar kring reformerna, ekonomin och framtiden.

The EU Taxonomy – what’s next?

Why are some companies covered by the Taxonomy, while others are not, how will the completion of an environmental Taxonomy affect corporates and sustainable investments and how can an extended Taxonomy be used to support transition?

Future payments

The global payment market is undergoing comprehensive changes, with increased demand to link more information to each payment and to enable multi-currency real-time payments cross borders. What will this mean for companies in the short and long run?

Circular economy - collaboration and innovation

A circular economy is an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design. It avoids activities that cause damage to human health and natural systems. With this SEB Talks, we want to highlight how manufacturing companies can benefit from embracing new circular business models instead of relying on the old versions.  

Diversity of Thought

Diversity of Thought is the idea of bringing together individuals from various cultures, backgrounds, and personalities to share their thoughts and perspectives. 

Sustainable transformation − The investor perspective

Do we solely reward companies that are already ‘green’ and sustainable, or do we also help turn those with the largest climate footprints transform their business models into more sustainable ones?  

Blockchain in trade finance

Digitalization will play a key role to enable global trade in the future. By using blockchain and other new technologies; a transparent, efficient and paperless process is emerging and available. What are the benefits and the challenges? 

Sustainability transformation of corporates

Corporates need to source large amounts of capital to invest heavily in new technologies to speed up the sustainability transition. In this SEB Talks, we will discuss the major trends and what companies need to do to attract capital and transform effectively.