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Insights from Ghana: From container to a shop

When Auntie Esther took a loan and was able to expand her shop the whole village gained from it.

Auntie Esther

In 2006, Auntie Esther, as she is known in her village, started a small shop in a container with the help of her husband. Two years later, as her business began to grow, she bought the land where her container was located and built a small provision shop. In 2017, she learned about Advans Ghana and took a 2'000 USD loan to be able to diversify and increase her stock of products. “My clients can now buy products from me which they used to buy elsewhere,” says Auntie Esther. In addition to the loan, Advans Ghana's mobile money services has made her life a bit easier, since she doesn't have to make an hour-long trip to Accra to withdraw money. Moreover, her store is so well organized with good selection and volumes, so she even sells to other provision shops in the area. She now has five full-time employees, and plans to start catering food and beverages for weddings.