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Actively supporting the sustainable transition

Get involved

We want to engage, enlighten and inspire our stakeholders. It is through collaboration and sharing knowledge we together can make a difference towards a sustainable society. Through our Q&A-section we aim to increase transparency about how we work.

Knowledgesharing and inspiration

Lecture on climate change with Lisen Schultz, SRC

”What everyone should know about climate change” – this is the title of a lecture with Lisen Schultz, researcher and scientist at Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), developed for SEB’s employees as a mandatory training. Based on decades of research and the latest findings, the lecture – now open for a broad audience – gives a comprehensive view of how the climate is changing, current and future effects, and what we can do to limit global warming. Read the script, and see sources of facts here.

Active ownership through dialogue

As one of the Nordic region's largest asset managers, it is our responsibility to act long-term and be active owners. We are convinced that companies working in a structured manner with managing the environment, business ethics and social responsibility will be more successful. The film is in Swedish (click CC for English subtitles).

The statistics

In Sweden, women own only half as much as men. They earn 10 % less, have a 30 % lower retirement income, and are less likely to own their own house. Those are the statistics, but they don’t have to be.

We believe that financial equality is crucial for a more sustainable society. A society where more women get the freedom that comes with ownership. The freedom to buy a home, start investing or launch a business.

Let’s change the statistics.