13 Sep 2010 13:19

Elections 2010: SEB experts are ready to comment

On Sunday, September 19, Sweden goes to the polls. Opinion polls are not definitive about the outcome. It could be a majority government for the Alliance or the Red-Green block, or a minority government in a hung parliament. For Sweden, it is about choosing an economic policy path, primarily for the next four years, in a complex and challenging global setting.

What will be the impact of the election outcome on the economy, household budgets, companies and financial markets?
SEB's experts are ready to answer media questions before, during and after the votes are counted.

Robert Bergqvist, Chief Economist, +46 70-445 1404
Focus: Economics & Policy, market reaction / effects

Håkan Frisén, Head of Economic Research, +46 70-763 8067
Focus: Economics & Policy, market reaction / effects

Gunilla Nyström, Private Economist, +46 70-762 1534
Focus: The elections − household-related issues

Ingela Hemming, Business Economist, +46 70-763 8297
Focus: The elections − company-related issues

Johan Javeus, Chief Strategist, Trading Strategy, +46 70-325 5145
Focus: Economics & policy, market reaction / effects



For further information, please contact

Robert Bergqvist, Chief Economist
+46 70 445 1404


Press contact
Elisabeth Lennhede,  Press & PR
+46 70 7639916