09 Sep 2010 18:00

Decision regarding delivery of shares to participants in long-term equity-based programmes under the AGM mandate

On 11 May 2010 the Annual General Meeting resolved to authorise the Board to decide on the acquisition of own shares for SEB's long-term equity-based programmes. In accordance with this decision, the Board has decided to acquire a maximum of 33.520.000 shares of Class A for the long-term equity-based programmes. The acquisitions may take place at one or several occasions during the period until the Annual General Meeting 2011.

The acquisitions are intended to enable the bank to transfer the acquired shares to participants in outstanding long-term equity-based incentive programmes. When called for exercise of one or more participants in the programmes, the bank will, within the context of the Annual General Meeting's authorisation and the Board's decision, acquire shares to the extent necessary and immediately transfer them to the participant or participants. The decision should be seen as a streamlining of existing procedures and has no impact on the bank's hedging arrangements.

The acquisitions shall exclusively take place on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm AB at a price within the price interval at any time recorded (the so-called spread) and the transactions will be reported via the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm AB in accordance with prevailing rules. Furthermore, SEB's web site (www.sebgroup.com) will be updated continuously.

The total number of shares in SEB amount to, whereof shares are Class A and 24.152. 508 shares are Class C. The Bank had per 8 September 2010 10.486 own shares of Class A to hedge the outstanding long-term equity based programmes.


For further information, please contact
Viveka Hirdman- Ryrberg, Head of Corporate Communications
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Ulf Grunnesjö, Head  of Investor Relations
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