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SEB to issue student loans in Latvia

Over past years, SEB has granted 12,404 study and 5,466 student loans secured by a state guarantee worth a total of 28.6 million lats. Last year alone, SEB granted a total of 4,547 state-guaranteed study and student loans valued at over 14 million lats.

Ieva Tetere, head of retail banking at SEB in Latvia said: “Each year, we continue to extend our co-operation with the universities and students in Latvia by providing support to various educational and public initiatives. This is an opportunity for us to gain experience and a better understanding of the students’ needs and of the banking services that they require. We are pleased that SEB in Latvia has been granted the right to issue state-guaranteed study and students loans once more in 2011 as it represents a substantial aid for many young people in acquiring their university degrees.”