18 Jan 2012 11:22

SEB facilitated gifts to SOS Children’s Villages in Latvia

During the period, people using an application on Foursquare or playing SEB’s online Christmas cards game donated 1,767 lats. In addition to the above SEB’s customers purchased and mailed approximately 2,000 greeting cards drawn by the children from SOS children’s villages and thus donated approximately 1,000 lats.

On 17 November, SEB started donating one lat on behalf of each person who used Foursquare to register with any of SEB’s branches. Meanwhile, everyone who played the Christmas cards game gathered points in proportion to their skills that were later turned by SEB into a donation to the families at SOS children’s villages in Latvia.

“We are bound with SOS children’s villages of Latvia by friendship that has now lasted for five years. During that time we have exchanged joy and positive emotions. Encouraging everyone to get involved by donating is our chance to promote good in the society we live in,” Ainars Ozols, head of SEB in Latvia, says.

On 19 December all users of SEB’s Latvian internet bank received a letter inviting them to make a donation to SOS Children’s Villages. In response to that invitation customers made donations worth 1,491 lats.