12 Dec 2012 10:07

Paperless service soon to reach Estonian branches

Customers will use a touch screen monitor in combination with an ID-card or a mobile-ID to sign documents. Customers will retain the possibility to sign documents also on paper.

SEB’s tellers print about 400,000 sheets of paper in a month, making 800 cases of paper. In a year this represents 24 tons of paper, the manufacturing of which takes ca 650 trees, to which also the cost of energy and water should be added. The new service therefore not only provides an enhanced customer experience, it also saves both money and the environment.

During a pilot carried out earlier this year at the flagship Tornimäe branch, SEB could offer its employees to test a limited number of operations. Now a range of the most common operations can be handled digitally.

“We know that our customers want to use digital signing and manage documents digitally as long as it is easy and safe. The solution we can offer now meets those criteria and it is the right time to introduce it to customers,” says Katre Kuulpak, Development Manager at SEB in Estonia.

Kuulpak says SEB will add new features and options to the service going forward, depending on feedback from customers on this initial step and what technological options are available. The intention is to reduce the volume of paper documents created in the branch network by 60 per cent by the end of 2017.