10 May 2019 09:13

First step in SEB’s new business platform now being launched

The first step of Business Arena is now being launched, SEB’s new digital business platform for companies and institutions. The goal is to gather all services in one and the same place. 

The first version is for customers who use the internet bank for companies, C&I Online and Foreign Exchange. By logging in with the same identification method as today, customers will gain access to the functions that are available in these channels via one common log-in page.

Business Arena is being built gradually, and over time it will replace the digital channels that have been built up for various products and customer segments during several years. The goal is to offer a seamless integration of all services and functions that corporates and financial institutions need in their daily business.

The new platform is being built on a new modern, flexible infrastructure where SEB will be able to integrate modules from external vendors – in order to give the users control, and a better overview of their business.. New functions will be launched faster than today, enabled by the new platform.

The beta version has been developed together with a number of pilot customers and is now accessible for all customers since the 8th of April.

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