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Digital events about sustainability

Here you will find a variety of recorded SEB Talks about sustainable finance. SEB Talks is our digital format with inspiring broadcasts where we are bringing you the latest insights and forecasts from industry experts. Watch what academia, clients and SEB experts have to say on topics such as EU regulations, sustainable transition and how the right investments might change the future.

SEB Talks Investor perspectives

Do we solely reward companies that are already ‘green’ and sustainable? Or do we also help turn those with the largest climate footprints to transform their business models into more sustainable ones? Watch this SEB Talks episode and find out what some of our clients and experts have to say.

SEB Talks Corporates

Corporates need to source large amounts of capital to invest heavily in new technologies to speed up the sustainability transition. In this SEB Talks, we will discuss the major trends and what companies need to do to attract capital and transform effectively.

What impact will the EU taxonomy have on investors?

The EU Taxonomy for climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation should be fully established by the end of this year. What does this mean for institutional investors? Watch this episode of SEB Talk and take part of the discussion between members of the EU Technical Expert Group (TEG) as well as selected asset managers and asset owners on the implications of the upcoming cross-sector sustainability classification.