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Next Gen Finance podcast

In two episodes of the Next Gen Finance podcast, SEB’s Sustainable Finance analyst Lina Apsheva and guests are discussing the gender equality dimension of sustainable finance.

Sustainable Finance podcast with Lina Apsheva

Facilitating gender equality through investment solutions

How can investment solutions support gender equality and other social aspects of sustainability? In this episode of Next Gen Finance, you will learn more about how social factors can be included in lending considerations. Meet Björn Bergstrand head of Sustainability at Kommuninvest, who will describe how they work within the public sector and give examples where both gender equality and integration have been addressed. You will also hear from Camilla Löwenhielm and Hanna Holmberg, managers of the Microfinance funds at SEB Investment Management, who invest in projects that empower women in frontier and emerging markets.

Selection of questions to Kommuninvest:

  • What is the definition of additionality and how do you ensure it in your investments?
  • Why has Kommuninvest decided to start working with the issue of gender equality?
  • Can you give some examples of projects related to gender equality that you have invested in?
  • What indicators do you use to measure impact?

Selection of questions to SEB Investment Management :

  • What are microfinance and impact funds, and how do they work?
  • Who can invest in microfinance funds? 
  • How do you include considerations around gender equality and financial inclusion into the way you work?
  • What indicators do you use to measure impact?

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