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Investors' Chat

What are the incentives to foster inclusion and diversity in investments? And what are the main challenges?  ​Hear a discussion with EQT and Ingka Investments. 

What are the incentives to foster inclusion and diversity in investments? And what are the main challenges?  ​Hear a discussion between EQT and Ingka Investments. 

The road to an equal world starts when everyone gets the opportunity. That’s how both people and businesses can grow sustainably. 

From an investor perspective, how can Inclusion and Diversity be fostered through investment decisions? Hear Anna Wahlström, Global Head of HR at EQT, reflect together with Samuel Rundle, Head of Financial Market Investments at Ingka investments.

The chat is 20 min and hosted by Christopher Flensborg, SEB’s Head of Climate and Sustainable Finance.​

Some of the questions that are addressed:

  • What is value-driven investing?
  • Is it possible to quantify the value of Inclusion and Diversity?
  • What does it take to make a business impact through investments in Inclusion and Diversity?
  • What are the main challenges when incorporating Inclusion and Diversity in investments?