Partners in sustainable transformation

At SEB we aim to be at the forefront in sustainable finance. Together with our customers we transition towards more sustainable business models by offering innovative products, services and advice that help put capital to work in a sustainable manner.

We are convinced that companies that integrate sustainability perspectives in their operations are more successful in the long run. The choices we make today determine what opportunities we and our customers have tomorrow.


SEB is committed to support our clients in their work on transitioning to sustainable solutions.

Collaborating with our customers and supporting them in their transformation is key for sustainable transformation. Below you find more information including client cases on how we together with our clients are working towards a better world.

Trium Capital

Trium Capital focus their investments on companies active in sectors that have negative impact on the climate. Their aim is to help find solutions and transition these companies to sustainable business models. 

Capital replacement and transition arbitrage

The climate crisis is without doubt the biggest challenge of our time. To solve it, vast amounts of capital need to be mobilised for investments in renewable energy and new technologies.

In a new white paper, SEB presents the case for “transition arbitrage” and explores what this means for different sectors, investors and the global economy; how markets can help shift capital towards green investments; and where the capital is likely to be needed the most.

Download the white paper on Capital replacement and transition arbitrage here

Impact via financing solutions

Sustainability-linked loan

SEB issued a sustainability-linked loan to the freight traffic operator Green Cargo, owned by the Swedish state. The loan is performance-based and linked to the company’s goals to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and the level of energy consumption. The interest discount will depend on how the company performs on these goals. 

Green framework

SEB was structural adviser for the global mobility company Daimler in the creation of a green framework for financing the company’s shift to a zero-emission vehicle fleet and sustainable production processes. The framework will be used for borrowing through e.g. green bonds, green commercial papers and green loans. 

Ocean bond

SEB was advisor and bookrunner in the issuance of a Nordic-Baltic blue bond with funding earmarked for projects focused on protecting the sensitive environment of the Baltic Sea. The money will be used for projects related to sewage management, reducing water pollution and measures coupled to climate change. 

Health commercial paper

SEB has supported medical technology company Getinge in issuing a Covid-19 commercial paper. The money finance a production increase of advanced ventilators by 160 percent. The company has since the outbreak seen an increased global demand for advanced ventilators and related equipment.

Health bond

SEB acted as advisor and bookrunner when Region Stockholm issued a Diabetes 2 prevention bond with Skandia as investor. The structure is unique and will be used to test a scalable model for cooperation between the public and private sector. The financial return for the investor is dependent on how successful the prevention is.

Nordic Municipality funding

Local governments in the Nordics play a pivotal role in advancing social sustainability. Municipality Finance in Finland and Kommuninvest in Sweden are both working on providing social loans to their clients and to issue social bonds. SEB is privileged to be acting as structural advisor to both these local government debt agencies.