SEB's House View December 2015

SEB's House View is the bank's view on asset allocation and strategy on the capital markets. The House View is anchored in SEB's macro view and utilizes our analytical resources and views on the markets.

The views are expressed through a level of risk utilization and 12 month return-and risk forecasts, together with tactical and strategic views on the asset classes and investment themes. The risk/reward dimension is an important part of the asset allocation strategy and is directly applied in our investment portfolios to capture opportunities in the markets.

The House View committee meets formally at least once a month. Beyond the committee members the forum is also attended by research specialists from all major research/investment areas of the bank, so to capture a comprehensive dimension for the decision making. Each meeting includes market discussions which are both tactical and of more strategic nature, typically with some extra focus on either current market disruptions/opportunities or longer term perspectives which are important for the portfolios. The meeting always concludes with a level of recommended risk utilization and allocation.

SEB's House View Outlook 2016

SEB's House View Investing in 2016