Life Science investments

Enabling industrial development

SEB Venture Capital's first Life Science investments were made in 1999. Since then, a total of 27 have been made, of which 20 have been divested to major industry players such as Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Biovitrum as well as through IPOs in Stockholm and London.

Over the years has SEB Venture Capital also made a few fund investments which add up to a total of seven investments. We have also made some direct investments into other sectors than Technology and Life Science. These we have exited and they add up to 15 exits.


Airsonett develops, manufactures and markets medical devices for treatment of allergic asthma and infection control in operating theatres.


Avidicare has the solution for infection control in surgical environment. The company was previously part of Airsonett AB and its main product is calle Opragon.

InDex Pharmaceuticals

InDex Pharmaceuticals is a clinical phase 3 biopharmaceutical company that develops DIMS drugs to treat diseases within a variety of therapeutic areas.


Nuevolution's Chemetics biotechnology platform facilitates the exploration of wide and new chemical space and enables easy identification of ligands.


OssDsign takes craniofacial reconstruction into the future by providing the world's first implants with functional healing, thereby improving the clinical outcome and in the end the quality of life for the patients.


Scibase is developing a non-invasive medical device for fast malignant melanoma diagnostic decision support. The product helps to avoid biopsies.


A leading provider of products and services for cold chain management.