Global financial solutions


Assessing risk to improve global finance outcomes

SEB offers a far reaching risk global financing advisory service to corporates and institutions. With teams located in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Frankfurt, we advise on how your financial market risks relate to operational reality on strategic, tactical and operational levels.

We can assist you in identifying, measuring and managing your global financial market risks and returns, working with cash flow hedging, equity hedging, pension fund management, funding strategies, interest rate hedging, commodity hedging, merge and acquisition transactions and long-term foreign exchange hedging.

Every client is different, but the team employs the same structured analytical process that presents the impact of key decisions on your performance and key ratios. We also capture the interdependency between different financial risks through cross asset class analysis. This includes analysis of foreign exchange, interest rates, commodities and equities.

We support clients with a range of challenges, including acquisition risk management, hedging cross-border cash flows and the impact of outsourcing production on currency risk.