Fund services

We deliver high quality services to assist asset managers excel in their investment management and distribution activities. By partnering with Fund Services you can focus on the portfolio management and asset gathering aspects of your business.

Fund Services operates in both Luxembourg and Sweden.


Our Fund Administration solution allows you to outsource all fund accounting and unit holder register activities to us - or engage parts of those services according to you preferences.

The service covers legal reporting, fund restriction reporting including comprehensive risk management reporting, to support you in your role as a management company or securities company for your Swedish fund range.

Combined with SEB's Asset Servicing and Trustee services you have a scalable and robust platform for your future success. Fund Services offers dedicated client service and implementation expertise to support you locally in Sweden.


In Luxembourg, our regulated Management Company provides full fund servicing. SEB Fund Services S.A. engages with all types of Luxembourg vehicles across most investment strategies and has a long and successful track record.

By partnering with Fund Services you can focus on the investment management and distribution aspects of your activities.

Fund Services Luxembourg can also act as you sponsor, management company, domiciliation agent, corporate secretary or fund administrator, with full responsibility for all regulatory and legal aspects of the fund. In the business development phase Fund Services will assist you with comprehensive advisory and legal services.

If you have ambitions to distribute your fund in several countries this is the solution of choice.

Our Fund Services offering, in combination with SEB's Global Custodian service, gives you true peace of mind so you can focus on your core concerns - investments and investors.