Exchange Traded Funds

SEB Equities assists clients to trade a range of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) across several markets. ETFs are open-ended index funds listed on the exchange and traded just like a stock. They enable investors to enjoy a highly efficient method of gaining broad exposure to stock markets in different countries, regions, sectors and styles as well as accessing fixed income and commodity markets.

ETFs are highly regulated investment vehicles which ensure high investor protection. Among the benefits of ETFs is the transparency they provide to investors in terms of market exposure at any given time, liquidity and cost efficiency. ETFs are continuously tradable during market hours and can be traded at NAV. In addition, they provide diversification by giving exposure to a broad basket of securities instantaneously.

ETFs are used by investors for a variety of purposes including liquidity management, tactical allocation, risk management, portfolio diversification, transition management and increasing portfolio liquidity.

SpotR ETF – Challenging the Nordic ETF market
SpotR is SEB's ETF family created to provide investors with accessible trading and investment products primarily with a Nordic focus. The Nordic exchanges are the leading location for ETFs which provide Nordic and international investors with easy access to Nordic equity exposure.

With the aim of becoming the leading provider of Nordic ETFs, SEB's SpotR ETFs are built on the combined strengths of excellent execution and research capacity in Nordic equities, top ranked equity finance business and a long track record of index-linked asset management.

Launched on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm in March 2011, the three complementary funds track the OMX Stockholm 30 Gross Index and provide investors with different alternatives in terms of exposure and leverage:

  • SpotR Bull OMXS30 UCITS ETF
  • SpotR Bear OMXS30 UCITS ETF

SEB Equities provides execution services including electronic trading in SpotR ETFs as well as access to a lending programme providing investors with easy access to SpotR ETFs for shorting purposes via SEB Equity Finance.

If you want to know more about our SpotR range of ETFs, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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