Corporate ratings

Having a clear view on your creditworthiness is an increasingly important component of today's financial landscape.

SEB's experienced Rating's Advisory team can provide an accurate evaluation of your current rating or provide a shadow rating analysis if you are unrated. We offer rating simulations in relation to shareholder distributions and acquisitions, as well as benchmarking and case studies to align communications to rating agencies.

As our client, this means that you can have a clear ratings view compared to your peers and within your industry. We can also provide indicative ratings given important scenarios such as M&A and capital structure changes. And, together with our risk advisory team, we'll also keep you updated on any risk management impact on ratings, for example through sensitivity to FX, commodities, interest rate or profitability fluctuations.

At SEB, we utilise a range of rating tools based on your industry and agenda and these can include Moody's Financial Metrics, Moody's and S&P's rating grids and methodologies, regression analysis and close dialogue with ratings agencies.