Real estate finance

Customised solutions for real estate investors

SEB's team for commercial real estate financing delivers customized finance solutions to real-estate investors. Our clients typically include larger investors, real-estate companies, major housing companies and private real-estate owners.

Our team of specialists operates in all SEB's home markets, with a particular focus on Germany and the Nordic countries and has offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich.

As our client, you have a single point of entry to the full range of SEB's services via the customer team of experienced real estate specialists, who are ideally equipped to support your unique and varying needs. They, in turn, are supported by a dedicated structured finance team in complex transactions.

Financing is a central issue for our clients and we also offer SEB's full product portfolio within debt- and securities-related advisory services. We work with everything from bilateral loans and syndication, to a range of capital markets products. We also assist our clients in foreign exchange, to streamline their cash management, and provide other customized banking services.